A Sustainability Collaboration: Material Bank and mindful MATERIALS

The most urgent challenges for our planet and for human society require far-reaching systemic changes. To make these kinds of changes, no single company, industry, or country can tackle it alone. Instead, the most effective progress can be made by coming together and leveraging collective resources, expertise, and technology. The UN recognizes this in Sustainable Development Goal 17, which states that strong, multi-stakeholder partnerships are central to the advancement of a development agenda.

Material Bank (MB) shares these principles and values that place people and the planet first, and we are doing our part to develop new approaches and collaborate with industry stakeholders. That’s why we are excited to announce a new partnership with mindful MATERIALS (mM) that will make searching and sampling healthier, more sustainable materials even easier. “Our partnership with mindful MATERIALS further underscores our deep commitment to sustainable sampling, from the reduced environmental impact of aggregated sample shipments to our newly launched carbon-neutral shipping program, and also allows us to support a key industry initiative that continues to grow based on consistent user engagement,” says Adam Sandow, Material Bank’s CEO.

Streamlining Access to Sustainability Data

Material Bank and mindful MATERIALS are collaborating to provide members with an integrated, sustainability driven searching and sampling experience.  All shared products found in both the mM library & Material Bank will be linked and searchable on Material Bank and vice versa. “HKS is thrilled about the partnership of mindful Materials and Material Bank,” says Rand Ekman, HKS Principal and Chief Sustainability Officer. “It is an effective data driven partnership combining purpose and innovation. We use both tools extensively and the shared platforms will enable us to make better informed material selection decisions faster for our clients, our communities, and the earth.”

This initiative will enable building industry professionals to make more informed decisions when sampling, using a simpler, more streamlined access to data. Eight out of ten design professionals already say that sustainability and material health data are important in their product selection. By making this data readily accessible, this collaboration encourages all industry professionals to prioritize sustainability in their specification processes. The combined information provided by MB and mM makes it easy to choose materials that won’t cause harm to building occupants or to the environment, without sacrificing aesthetic considerations. It’s also a great way to highlight the progress that many brands are making and drive more leads on some of the industry’s most forward-looking, innovative products and manufacturers.

What is mindful MATERIALS (mM)?

mindful MATERIALS is an L3C, a low-profit LLC whose profits exclusively fuel mM shared initiatives and collective impact. The mindful MATERIALS Library is a free platform that has become the leading building industry resource for aggregated health and sustainability product data. It is used by thousands of architecture and design professionals as a trusted, user-friendly source of information about product transparency and optimization. mindful MATERIALS is led by a collaboration of dedicated building industry professionals who volunteer their time to develop resources for the industry as a whole, curating a library of products that prioritize human and environmental health.  A defined group of industry experts are responsible for defining the mindful MATERIALS Library product submission criteria and vetting every product accordingly.

To be eligible for the mM library, manufacturers must disclose information that satisfies industry standards in at least one of six categories: VOC emissions, material ingredients, environmental profile, material sourcing, social responsibility, or other transparency information. The library gives users real-time access to product declarations and certifications and is directly integrated with the largest certification databases. For more information, please review a definition of mM in Knowledge Bank’s Glossary of Terms.