Designtex Celliant: Energized Upholstery

What if a chair could make you healthier? Armed with an awareness of the rise of sedentary lifestyles and the countless hours spent deskbound, Designtex has introduced a new a proprietary textile backing that harnesses Celliant® technology to increase wellbeing. Any furnishing that is upholstered with Designtex Celliant is clinically proven to provide an added boost as it recycles the energy of the user and reflects it back to the body.

How is Celliant made?

Engineered by the responsive textile company Hologenix, the formulation of Celliant technology is composed of a blend of 13 naturally occurring thermo-reactive minerals—including titanium dioxide, silicone dioxide, and aluminum oxide—that work in concert to confer a sense of wellbeing. These minerals are ground into an ultra-fine powder, combined with polyester resin, and extruded into a fiber that is then used for the textile backing. The technology is not only utilized in upholstery, but has also been integrated into apparel, bedding, and even mattresses. What’s more, the Food and Drug Administration has determined Celliant technology to be a medical device and general wellness product.

How does Designtex Celliant work?

The Designtex Celliant upholstery backing absorbs energy emitted by the body—which naturally gives off approximately 100 watts every second—and converts the wavelength to infrared. The recycled energy is then reflected back to the body and reabsorbed through layers of fabric into the skin and tissue. In turn, this harnessed energy provides more oxygen to the cells, which translates into increased energy, performance, and comfort, as well as a more efficient regulation of internal body temperature. Just by sitting on DesigntexCelliant upholstery, the body is able to absorb all of these benefits within minutes and continues to rebuild and recharge throughout that day.

Designtex Celliant Products

Designtex strategically steered their design towards an upholstery backing, rather than a just a textile, in order to broaden the possibilities for application. With an uncompromised level of durability, Designtex Celliant’s benefitscan be paired with a wide array of aesthetics and materials that allow it to be pertinent for many markets. And, since the fibers are embedded into the textile backing, Designtex Celliant won’t wash off or wear out—it has been tested against the most rigorous cleaning protocols. Currently available in four styles, Designtex Celliant is suitable for a variety of environments from workplace to healthcare.