Formica 2021 Specialty Collection Cultivates Surfacing Trends

Photography Courtesy of Formica

Debuting a diverse and durable selection of surfacing lines, the 2021 Specialty Collection by Formica Corporation offers innovative and distinguished design solutions for many spaces across the commercial spectrum—from healthcare and hospitality to workplace, retail, and educational settings. The collection comprises a trio of thoughtfully conceived lines—leveraging a broad palette of fresh woodgrains, metals, and acrylic solid surfacing—that collectively call attention to material trends while also addressing the evolving demands from designers and architects.

“These days, surfacing must be more than what meets the eye,” says Renee Hytry Derrington, managing principal at Formica North American Design. “In this precautionary new world, surfaces must achieve the latest design trends to feel inviting and inspiring, but designers also need to create spaces that are safe. These new designs are significant because they offer curated palettes for surfacing options that are beautiful, durable, and cleanable, giving designers a full toolbox of options to suit commercial environments.” With textural terrazzo patterns, ethereal solids, warm metals, and modern woodgrain palettes, the 2021 Specialty Collection’s surfacing solutions pay homage to macro trends in natural materials while delivering multidimensional surfacing designs that enhance contemporary commercial spaces.

Nuanced Neutral Colors

The launch of an updated line of Formica® Laminate Woodgrains offers an on-trend palette of 16 new wood designs that were informed by extensive research gathered from focus groups held with designers. “When designing with wood, we’ve learned color goes hand-in-hand with species and style for many,” says Hytry Derrington “Designers were seeking more neutral colors and tonal variations of whites, lights, naturals, grays and true browns. These new woodgrain designs enhance feelings of warmth, comfort, and familiarity—all while providing a durable and easily cleanable alternative to real wood surfaces in hardworking spaces like hospitals, classrooms and office settings.”

Laminate Woodgrains. Photography Courtesy of Formica.

Leveraging the input of designers across the United States, the laminate woodgrains line encompasses nuanced neutral colors and lighter-toned options that complement Scandinavian designs, as well as additional options in ash, elm, oak and walnut.

Rich Metal Tones

Embracing the latest warm metal tones, Formica Corporation also released a roster of 13 new additions to their DecoMetal® Metal Laminate collection. Boasting beautiful metal effects, from weathered patina to oiled aesthetics that infuse tones of brass, copper, light gold, and black, the collection offers of a wide-ranging toolbox of metal laminate designs for architectural interiors.

DecoMetal Metal Laminate. Photography Courtesy of Formica.

“With these additions, the DecoMetal® line truly offers a comprehensive array of trending metal designs that work well in spaces that require warmth and a touch of class,” says Hytry Derrington. The nuanced new designs are distinguished by hand-brushed finishes, reflective sheens, and artistically printed motifs.

Acrylic Solid Surfacing Designs

The Everform™ Solid Surface line rounds out the 2021 Specialty Collection with a curated collection of acrylic solid surfacing designs with popular, subtle patterns and ethereal neutral tones. Made from natural mineral fiber and binding resins, Everform™ is seamless, nonporous, and durable, with consistent coloring that runs all the way through to its core. Meeting new demands from designers and architects, the collection is comprised of 38 patterns with eight new options offering a modern and minimalist oeuvre accented by subtle patterns and monochromatic tones.

Everform Solid Surface. Photography Courtesy of Formica.

“With the rising popularity of solid surfacing material, we saw an opportunity to expand this well-loved collection,” says Derrington. “This collection now merges our most usable, appealing patterns with new ones that answer designers’ requests for more complex, monochromatic tones and optical solids, providing versatile and on-trend surfacing solutions for high-traffic spaces.” Inspired by textural terrazzo motifs as well as microscale, and washed tone patterns, the latest additions to the Everform™ line help round out the collection of usable designs with lasting style and appeal.