Mohawk Group Launches Smart City Carpet Collection

Mohawk Group

Inspired by innovations to the urban environment, Mohawk Group has launched Smart City, a new carpet collection designed in collaboration with Gensler. Smart City’s system of carpet planks alludes to an archetype of a future city that cultivates community and cares for its inhabitants through sustainable strides in urban development. “The best cities and urban environments are well planned and fluid, making creative use of space to maximize efficiency and growth,” says Jackie Dettmar, Mohawk Group’s vice president of design and product development. “We looked to this model to create Smart City, specifically how this vision of metropolis and community responds to the needs of all who inhabit and visit—whether through walkability, accessibility, the integration of green space or any number of factors that actively improve quality of life.” With an innovative design that meets stringent sustainable standards, it is interesting to explore the characteristics of the new Smart City collection.

Urban Model and Urban Mobility

The Smart City collection is comprised of two distinct styles—Urban Model and Urban Mobility—which collectively cast intricate interpretations of city subway maps onto soft surfaces for commercial interiors. Urban Model acts as an organic base pattern that replicates the texture and teeming rhythm of metropolitan maps. Transcribing the transit systems of major metropolises such as Berlin, Istanbul, London, New York, Paris, and Shanghai, Urban Mobility is composed of coordinating pattern styles with layered linework and abounding accent colors. Urban Model lays the groundwork with a base texture in three hues, while Urban Mobility adds pattern and color overlay with six styles that can be used for more dynamic installations. Mutually made on Mohawk’s Pattern Perfect tufting platform, Smart City’s two styles work together as a system but can also be used independently.

Living Product Challenge Petal Certification

Supporting the sustainable vision of the collection, Smart City meets the stringent requirements of the Living Product Challenge Petal Certification. The carpet planks are manufactured at Mohawk Group’s Living Site facility in Glasgow, Virginia. “As the maker of Living Products like Smart City, we believe better design examines both embodied carbon and materials health to produce sustainable products that help reduce the carbon footprint of our customers and lead the way in transparency,” says Dettmar. Following the framework of the Living Product Challenge, Smart City has achieved a net positive impact for individuals and the environment with innovations in materials, manufacturing, and community involvement.

Heathered Hues Yarn System

Allowing for coordination across collections, both of the Smart City styles share Mohawk’s high-performance color Heathered Hues yarn system, which features fibers boasting a textured and variegated wool-like appearance to add a biophilic aesthetic. The Smart City collection comes standard with Duracolor Tricor solution-dyed nylon fiber and EcoFlex NXT tile backing, delivering enhanced stain resistance, colorfastness, durability, color clarity, and soil performance.

Carbon Neutral Collaboration

With Gensler serving as the product design consultant for Smart City, the collaboration symbolizes a connection between two industry icons with a shared commitment to supporting sustainable cities and carbon neutral projects. The design was informed by the Gensler Cities Climate Challenge (GC3) and the AIA 2030 Commitment, which are two initiatives that call for all new construction to be completely carbon neutral by the start of the next decade. Such environmental enterprises will be ensured through the specification of net positive carbon Living Products such as the Smart City collection.

Coordinating Tile Collection

Mohawk and Daltile jointly collaborated with Gensler on companion collections. My City is a coordinating porcelain tile collection that shares Smart City’s stimulus sparked by urban transit systems. With a monochromatic concrete aesthetic, My City is composed of complementary cool and warm tones, which are distinguished by graphic linework rendered in gloss, metallic, or matte finishes.

Broadening the boundaries of design and sustainability, Mohawk Group and Gensler’s cohesive carpet collection brings a streamlined, urban-inspired aesthetic underfoot.