Porcelanosa Tiles Transform Outdoor Environments

Whether set against bucolic backdrops, bustling cityscapes, or sweeping oceanside views, cleverly conceived outdoor patios serve up seamless transitions between interior and exterior environments. Porcelanosa provides an array of porcelain tiles for outdoor flooring applications that integrate pure aesthetics with precise technical features. The Spanish ceramics and tiling company—whose comprehensive catalogue of offerings include surfaces, fixtures, and facades—has innovatively addressed the needs of outdoor environments in their porcelain tile collections that are equipped with durability, resistance, and visual appeal.

Photography Courtesy of Porcelanosa

High-Performance Properties

As a material, porcelain is a particularly dense and strong form of ceramic that promises durability and resistance with minimal maintenance, making it an inherently practical option for outdoor floors. “Porcelain tiles in general have less than 0.5 percent water absorption, while Porcelanosa porcelain tiles have less than 0.02 percent water absorption says Ramon Heras, assistant director at Porcelanosa. “That means they are almost non-porous. This allows our porcelain tiles to have greater strength while requiring little maintenance. They are bacteria-free, hold up in both low and high temperatures, and can be cleaned with very aggressive chemical products if needed.”

In addition to their high durability, non-porous composition, and resistance to abrupt temperature changes, Porcelanosa offers through-body and colored body porcelain tiles. The color permeates throughout the entire body of the tile, making any chips, scratches, or damages less noticeable. “If you break the surface of our porcelain tiles, the clay below is same color as the top of the tile,” says Heras.  Moreover, the material ensures easy cleaning and maintenance, making it all the more fitting for outdoor installation. Porcelanosa’s outdoor tiles possess intrinsic properties—including degree of compaction, water absorption, and texture—that make them appropriate for an array of atmospheres while remaining intact and unaffected for years.

Photography Courtesy of Porcelanosa

Aesthetic Appeal

Offered in an alluring array of natural stone and wood-effect designs, Porcelanosa’s high-performance tile collections for the outdoors include the Parker, Avenue, Boston, and Stuc series, which combine the authentic look of natural materials with the versatility and resistance of porcelain. The addition of anti-slipping finishes ensures the safety and suitability of the tiles for outdoor flooring installed in areas near water.

The Parker collection is comprised of porcelain wood tiles that evoke the organic appeal of real hardwoods—emulating different wood styles such as oak, maple, cherry, pine, and redwood. Often used for pool areas or outdoor decks, Parker pairs the look of lumber with the superior performance of porcelain wood tiles. Uniting the strength and simplicity of natural stone with advanced ceramic tile technology‎. Avenue accommodates alfresco environments by blending the beauty of a granite appearance with highly technical traits, while Boston boasts a matte surface with high-performance properties. Distinguished by its textured feel and tactile design, the Stuc collection is ideal for poolside surfaces where the presence of water is likely. Vested with versatility, the collections come in an array of colorways and finish options.

Photography Courtesy of Porcelanosa

Porcelanosa provides outdoor flooring equipped with high-performance properties that permit an imperviousness to the wear and tear of both time and weather without sacrificing sophisticated design. An expertly conceived combination of performance and aesthetics allows for flooring that flows fluidly between interior and exterior environments.