Sensitile Systems Supports Connectivity and Sustainability with Innovative Light Responsive Materials

Coupling aesthetic appeal with connectivity to surrounding spaces, Sensitile Systems pushes past the prevailing ideas of what it means to interact with the material world by offering resin, terrazzo, and glass products that integrate and exploit light in innovative ways. A comprehensive collection of configurable materials and solutions serves to dynamically harness the senses, while enabling designers to create innovative, experiential environments. Expanding on an evolving and already heightened awareness of the need for adaptable products that provide privacy, Sensitile’s screen, divider, and partitioning solutions separate spaces without seclusion—supporting health and wellbeing with a sensitivity to the needs of our new normal. With versatility and cleanability, the materials serve to divide spaces while still preserving connection by extending, distributing, and maximizing ambient and daytime light. Ideal for a wide range of architectural and design applications, Sensitile’s handcrafted and sustainable materials transform environments into exceptional experiences.

Photography Courtesy of Sensitile Systems.

Handcrafted Materials

With iterative processes of production, every dynamic design is carefully crafted by hand with expert attention to detail. “Sensitile materials are manufactured from raw materials, in small batches, and not simply stamped from larger stock sheets,” says Vanika Lath, COO of Sensitile Systems. “Raw materials are locally and responsibly sourced and are of the highest quality and optical clarity. The manufacturing process was developed entirely by us. There was no precedent in the industry that could be adopted.” Operating entirely out of a state-of-the-art facility located in Detroit, Michigan, Sensitile is able to oversee every step of the process from material sourcing and process efficiency to employee safety and product quality. “All of our materials are designed and manufactured solely in the Unites States,” adds Lath. “No part of the manufacturing process is outsourced. This model has allowed us to tightly control quality to standards that exceed the expectations of our customers.”

Photography Courtesy of Sensitile Systems.

Sensitile’s spectrum of light-manipulating materials include resin, terrazzo, and glass products that are characterized by a comprehensive range of adaptable aesthetics. Compelling expressions of light, color, pattern, and texture create integrated and experiential surfaces that inspire immersive environments of connection. “Light-manipulating materials use internal channels to capture, bend, scatter, and redirect light to create visually stunning and engaging spaces,” says Lath. “This expands design possibilities by offering customizable and interactive engagement of the senses by responding to touch, movement, color, light, and shadow in unexpected ways without the need for power or electronics.”

Experiential Environments

Accommodating a wide range of dynamic applications—from privacy screens and signage to countertops, flooring, and more—Sensitile’s light-manipulating materials create an interactive surfaces that showcase an interplay of light and shadow for immersive environments. “The illusion that the material is ‘intelligent’ and powered by an unseen source is created by cleverly designed internal facets that form optical pathways within the material, not seen, and only experienced,” adds Lath. “The surfaces of the material are smooth and easy to maintain.”

Photography Courtesy of Sensitile Systems.

Sensitile’s solution packages provide unique combinations of materials, hardware, and lighting, with each component customized to distinct design intents and tailored to integrate fully with the installed environment. “The user and designer benefit from the economies of digital design and fabrication and can participate as virtual artists to own the look and feel of exclusively designed signature material,” says Lath. “They can be used in diverse settings such as hospitality, healthcare, retail, institutional, education and residential, for equally diverse applications in both horizontal and vertical surfaces such as countertops, floors, branding, accents, privacy panels, donor walls and signage.”

Sustainability Standards

Fueled by ever-expanding efforts to evolve and enhance their commitment to the environment, Sensitile strives to find new ways to integrate sustainable and eco-conscious practices into their work culture, packaging, and entire manufacturing process. Nearly all their materials incorporate recycled content, and do not emit volatile organic compounds during their production or their life cycle.

Photography Courtesy of Sensitile Systems.

The materials are all PVC- and formaldehyde-free, contain no chemicals of concern, and are manufactured to the exact specifications of our customers, resulting in little excess. “Our equipment is optimized to minimum run times and temperatures,” adds Lath. “When available, all manufacturing equipment is variable speed, ensuring that minimal energy and resources are used in production. Our closed loop grey water recycling system ensures minimal consumption of ‘new’ water, and water harvesting for irrigating our landscape is another initiative to conserve water.” Sensitile has received third-party verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), and is in the process of publishing Health Product Declarations (HPD) for all of their product lines.