Sherwin-Williams Unveils Emerald Designer Edition Interior Latex Paint

Country Tweed SW9519. Photography Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Deftly developing high-performance coatings and advanced color tools while offering sweeping support for architects and designers, Sherwin-Williams has stood at the forefront of paint industry innovation since 1866. Their latest launch follows suit with an expansive selection of brand-new exclusive hues developed to create five distinguishable designer color collections. Based on feedback from designers, Emerald® Designer Edition Interior Latex paint enhances Sherwin-Williams offering with a fresh assortment of 200 new beautiful neutrals, pure whites, and statement shades. Emerald Designer Edition provides exceptional performance, exquisite colors,and a beautiful finish, while boasting Sherwin-Williams’ best hide yet.

“We are listening to our designer customers, who are asking for brighter whites, just-right blues and greens, complex grays and beiges, and more muted tones of classic hues. What we’ve created perfectly rounds out our current selection of neutral options and chromatic colors,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “Beyond color, our new formula helps achieve a showstopping transformation.”

Exceptional Performance

Building on the advanced performance of Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex, the newly introduced Emerald Designer Edition drives the premium qualities of Emerald paints to a new level. Primary benefits of Emerald Designer Edition latex paints include meeting the most stringent VOC regulations at <50 g/L, outstanding burnish resistance, and advanced washability and scrubbability, allowing for all finishes to have an outstanding resistance to water streaking and spotting.

Sherwin Williams
Juniper SW9679 and Kingston SW9677. Photography Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Flawless Finish

As a paint and primer in one, the collection also features Sherwin-Williams best hide yet and high-performing properties that make it well-equipped for achieving an exceptionally even finish and attaining an application that is rich, smooth, and uniform. The Emerald Designer Edition color collection boldly boasts a best-in-class performance level raised to an ultra-premium distinction.

Brand New Hues

With an eye towards the distinct needs of designers, Sherwin-Williams unveiled a comprehensive collection of 200 exclusive nuanced colors and a new UltraWhite Base that are exclusive to Emerald Designer Edition Interior Latex paints. These are offered in flat, satin, and gloss sheens. A host of bright whites, all with Sherwin-Williams best hide yet, assert themselves as showpieces amongst the sizable selection of nuanced hues. Ranging from pearly, bright whites and classic cool neutrals to soft shades of blues and statement greens, the colors were inspired by an expansive range of enduring design styles, allowing for seamless integration into any aesthetic.

Sherwin Williams
Azure Tide SW9684. Photography Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Exquisite Color Palettes

Emerald Designer Edition’s vast array of colors is aesthetically allocated into a series of five color palette collections comprised of 40 hues that are organized by color temperature. The Classic + Collected palette conveys vibrance and sophistication with a dynamic mix of colorful hues ranging from statement-making greens, reds, and blues to softer shades of muted pastels. Form + Function features a palette of organic, earthy neutrals with warm whites, deep browns, and warm shades of putty, while the Warm + Welcoming palette of transitional neutrals balances cool grays with warm beiges to appeal to the resurgence of browns in interior design. Rustic + Refined draws inspiration from bucolic backgrounds and botanicals to serve up a styled selection of blues and greens, while Minimal + Modern offers a perfectly proportioned palette of cool, strong neutrals and a mix of whites and grays, that pull from material elements such as stone, brick, and glass to create a contemporary contrast. With an elevated appeal, the sophisticated series of color palette collections reflect the premium nature of Emerald Designer Edition Interior Latex paints.