Agion is a proprietary antimicrobial and odor control textile finish developed by Sciessent. With silver and copper ion technology, Agion is designed to decrease microbes and inhabits bacteria growth. Agion can be applied on textile via padding, exhaust, or package yarn and can also be used in apparel, water filtration systems, medical devices, and on other surfaces.



Antimicrobial ASTM E2149-01
  ASTM E2180-01
  AATCC 100
  JIS L 1902: 2008
  JIS Z 2801: 2000
  ISO 20743:2013
  ISO 22196: 2007
LaunderingUp to 100+ Washes
OthersGFAA Analysis for Metal Ions
  Ash Test
  Moisture Content Analysis
  Scanning Electron Microscopy


  • EPA Registered
  • Bluesign


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