Bella-Dura is a performance fabric made with a proprietary solution dyed polyolefin fiber, which resists abrasion, light, stain, microbes, and mildew. Bella-Dura fabric can be used on a wide range of residential or commercial environments including outdoor, hospitality, healthcare, and marine. Bella-Dura fabric can be safely bleach-cleaned and also is durable to common cleaners and disinfectants. Bella-Dura fabric is Marine Equipment Directive (MED) certified and IMO certified when the IMO finish is applied. With GreenShield finish, Bella-Dura fabric is also certified Cradle to Cradle Silver.  With the closed loop recycling program, the fibers can be re-extruded up to ten times or be converted into black plastic resin pallets.


Stain Resistance AATCC TM 130 Grade 5
Stain Release ASTM D 4265-98 Grade 5
UV Resistance 1500 hours direct exposure with Xenon Arc/Daylight
UV Protection AATCC TM 183 – 50 + UPF
Flammability CA TB 117,  UFAC, NFPA 260, IMO/MED with option IMO finish
Cleanability Bleach Cleanable
Mildew Resistance Inherently resists mildew
Colorfastness to Crocking AATCC TM 8 Dry 5, Wet 5
Weather Resistance AATCC TM 169 Exceeds 1,500 hours
Water Repellant AATCC TM 22
Colorfastness to water AATCC TM 107 Grade 5
Abrasion ASTM D 4157 50,000+ Double Rubs Wyzenbeek
Pilling ASTM D 3511 Grade 4
Tensile Strength ASTM D5034 Exceed 50 lbs. warp and weft
Tear Resistance ASTM D2261 Exceed 25 lbs. warp and weft
Seam Slippage ASTM D4034 Exceed 25 lbs. warp and weft


Cradle to Cradle Silver


All products are warrantied for three years in commercial use, and five years in residential. 


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