C-Zero is a proprietary treatment produced by the company Crypton. This patented fluorine-free stain resistance treatment for textiles comes with optional silver ion order resistant and integrated moisture barrier (C-Zero Plus). C-Zero protects products from water-based stains and also prohibits the growths of bacteria, virus, odor, mold, and fungus with the optional Silver ion technology. Applying C-Zero will cause little or no change to the textile’s color and will not harden the fabric, allowing it to maintain a soft hand. Additional to the benefits C-Zero provides, C-Zero Plus adds an impermeable barrier preventing liquids and stains from penetrating into to your fabric. Both C-Zero and C-Zero Plus can be used for indoor and outdoor seating. C-Zero and C-Zero Plus can be applied to flat woven, knits, textured, and printed fabrics, as well as synthetic and natural fibers.


Moisture BarrierC-Zero Plus offer upon request
Upon request: AATCC 127 Hydrostatic Resistance minimum 100 cm
RepellencyAATCC 22 Spray Rating 80-100 of 100 max
AATCC 22 Spray Rating after 30 home launderings 70-100
CleanabilityDurable to clean with variety of cleaners.
Bleach may be used based on varies of dye methods.
Microbe ResistanceUpon request: Silver Ion Odor Resistant
FlammabilityCAL TB 117, NFPA 260, UFAC
Upon request: FMVSS 302, IMO Upholstery


  • Fluorine-free repellent 
  • No halogenated flame retardants
  • Free of Perfluorooctanesulphonate (PFOs), Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOA)
  • Free of potentially harmful levels of formaldehyde, heavy metals, phenols, phthalates, odor, and skin sensitizers 
  • Synthetic latex back coat does not contain natural rubber  


  • GreenGuard Gold Certified 

* The application of C-Zero does not automatically guarantee or qualify a textile for certification. All components of a textile must undergo program standards to receive certification.


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