CAN/ULC-S102 Flammability

The CAN/ULC-S102 Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials and Assemblies test is the Canadian standard for the relative surface burning characteristics of interior finish materials, products, and assemblies used in building construction. Results obtained from this test are used by code officials in the acceptance of interior finish material and products for various applications in commercial buildings.

The scope of testing involves subjecting a series of three identical test specimens to flame within a Steiner Tunnel apparatus individually. Both the flame spread value (FSV) and smoke developed value (SDV) are recorded for each test specimen. The flame spread value measures the flame growth across the surface of the specimen, and the smoke developed value measures the amount of smoke generated by the test specimen as it burns. The final results of the test are based on the average FSV and SDV recorded from the three test specimens and communicated as Flame Spread Rating (FSR) and Smoke Developed Classification (SDC).


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