CAN/ULC-S109 Flammability

The CAN/ULC-S109 Flame-Resistant Fabrics and Films test is the Canadian standard for measuring burning characteristics of fabrics and films that are flame-resistant either inherently or with the addition of a chemical treatment. Results obtained from this test are used by code officials in the acceptance of textiles and films for various applications including tents, awnings, draperies, and decorations.

The scope of testing involves subjecting a vertically oriented test specimen to flame. A specimen can be tested by either a small-flame test or large-flame test. The small-flame test applies to single sheets of fabrics or films, while the large-flame test applies fabrics or films in folds. In both test types, the test specimens are evaluated for damage and rated based on maximum char length for ten specimens, and the amount of time that residue or portions of the material continue to burn after breaking from the test specimen.


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