ColorStrand is a proprietary brand of solution-dyed type 6 nylon with pre-consumer recycled content that is manufactured by Mohawk Group. Produced for Mohawk’s line of commercial carpets, ColorStrand resists fading from light, ozone, and harsh chemicals and is several times more colorfast than traditionally dyed nylon. The fiber is made of a heavy denier with a cross section that helps to repel dirt and hide soil, while its resilient properties resist matting and crushing. It can be engineered to achieve severe carpet TARR ratings and can be treated with Mohawk’s Sentry Plus Soil and Stain Protector finish for added defense. Carpets made with ColorStrand qualify for LEED credits, are CRI Green Label Plus certified, and can be recycled through Mohawk’s ReCover program. Many ColorStrand carpets are part of the Mindful Materials library and depending on the backing system, can carry additional sustainability certifications such as Global Green Tag, Living Building Challenge Declared Red List Free, and NSF/ANSI 140.


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