Declare Label

The Declare Label is a transparency initiative by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) through which industrial manufacturers can opt to disclose their product ingredients. Declare Labels share a product’s key compositional and logistical information with specifiers and consumers, including its manufacturer, assembly location, life expectancy, end of life options, ingredients, and declaration status. Self-disclosed by manufacturers, declaration status is based on an evaluation of an item’s material health and manufacturer transparency, according to imperatives within the ILFI’s Living Building Challenge (LBC). This evaluation is a resource that allows build teams and designers to make informed choices about products that are toxin free and support efforts to minimize the impact on the environment and workers throughout the supply chain. There are three declaration status possibilities: Declared, LBC Red List Approved (formerly LBC Compliant), and LBC Red List Free.

Declare Labels are designed to communicate complex chemical analysis and raw material sourcing in an accessible, graphic format. Participating manufacturers can also choose to undergo third-party verification by an approved assessor to analyze ingredients, supply chain, and claims. This process provides assurance and risk mitigation to manufacturers seeking to maximize transparency.

Products of all types are eligible to participate. Active Declare Labels can be found on ILFI’s free, online Declare Database. All labels must be renewed annually.


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