DEFEND is a proprietary textile finish developed by TSG Finishing that resists stain, water, oil, abrasion, pilling, and bacteria. DEFEND treated textiles are applicable for a wide range of categories such as apparel, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, marine, military, outdoor, residential, and transportation. DEFEND provides four different levels of fabric performance protection: DEFEND, DEFEND-A, DEFEND+ and DEFEND-Free.


Performance Test Standard Defend Defend-A Defend+ Defend-Free
Water Repellency AATCC 22 Spray Test xxxx
Oil Repellency AATCC 118 Drop Test xxx  
Abrasion ASTM D4157   xx  
Pilling ASTM D3511 / D3511M   xx  
Antibacterial AATCC 147     x  
Antifungal AATCC 30     x  
Environmental PFOA/PFOS free xxxx
Certification Healthy Hospital Initiative       x


EPA Registered


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