Duracolor is a proprietary brand of high-performance stain resistant carpet fiber made of type 6 nylon that is manufactured by Mohawk Group. Produced for Mohawk’s line of commercial carpets, Duracolor fibers are fade-resistant and colorfast with a molecular structure that makes them inherently and permanently stain-resistant. Contrary to traditional nylon—which is composed of positively charged polymers—Duracolor fibers are engineered with a negative charge, which prevents stains from bonding. Duracolor Tricor uses the same stain-resistant technology but is designed with a modified tri-lobal hollow core. The core’s unique shape and smooth contour scatters light, which enables fibers to hide soil and release dirt, while also enhancing color clarity and overall durability. Made with 30-percent recycled content, Duracolor and Duracolor Tricor require only water-based cleaning, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals. Carpets made with Duracolor or Duracolor Tricor qualify for LEED credits, are CRI Green Label Plus certified, and can be recycled through Mohawk’s ReCover program. Many Duracolor carpets are part of the Mindful Materials library and depending on the backing system, can carry additional sustainability certifications such as Global Green Tag, Living Product Challenge Petal Certification, Living Building Challenge Declared Red List Free, and NSF/ANSI 140.


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