Granulated Cork

Granulated cork, also known as crumb cork, ground cork, and agglomerated cork, is a natural material made from the renewable bark of a cork oak tree. Often repurposed from scrap or recycled material, such as the cork that can’t be used in the manufacturing of cork stoppers or the trimmings from cork disks, the cork is then ground down in a metal roller, cage, or bur mills. When the granules are finished being broken down to the preferred density, they are then compressed together and bonded with resins to create sheets that can be made into a variety of end uses. In commercial and industrial applications, these sheets are made from different qualities of cork granules and then bound together in layers to create flooring and wall products. Because cork can be harvested every nine years from the same tree, reused and recycled from other applications, and is biodegradable, it is a sustainable option as backing for other flooring and wall materials, or by itself as the primary material in a product. Due to its elasticity, including underfoot, sound insulating properties, and resilience, it is a high-performing material that withstands heavy foot traffic.

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