Lava Stone

Lava stone forms when molten lava is exposed to intense heat and pressure, causing it to solidify into stone. The lava cools slowly and with less pressure, as compared to basalt which is formed when lava cools quickly and under high pressure. This slow cooling process gives lava stone a nice grain and low density. It can withstand high temperatures as well as dissipate heat. Lava stone is nearly indestructible, nonporous, and resistant to heat, cold, and temperature changes. This ashy gray colored stone can be used both indoors and outdoors for wall veneers, countertops, backsplashes, and tabletops.

Stones that originate from volcanoes are metamorphic and are among the most common types of stones on the Earth’s surface. Lava stone and other volcanic rocks can commonly be found in oceans. Since they are naturally occurring, they are sustainable and can be reused, or used for a lifetime.

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