LBC Red List Approved (formerly LBC Compliant)

Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List Approved is a status indicating that a product is in compliance with the requirements of the LBC Challenge, but that compliance is dependent on one or more exceptions. It is one of three declaration possibilities (Red List Free and Declared are the other two) on the International Living Future Institute’s Declare Label. For a manufacturer to claim its product is LBC Red List Approved, it must disclose 99 percent of ingredients and residuals present at or above 100ppm or 0.01 percent. The product may contain one or more Red List chemicals, but only if covered by an established exception.

While the LBC aims to eliminate the use of all chemicals on the Red List, exceptions exist because the building industry faces material limitations. All exceptions are temporary, and upon the introduction of alternative products and formulations they will be eliminated. One such exception is the Proprietary Ingredients Exception, which “allows manufacturers to withhold up to 1% of ingredients, given they have confirmed that this content does not contain chemicals on the Red List.” For additional information on exceptions, refer to the Declare Manufacturer’s Guide (Appendix B).

This declaration status was previously referred to as LBC Compliant. The terminology was modified during revisions to the Declare program in February 2020.


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