NFPA 701 Flammability

The NFPA 701 test is a standard of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) that measures the flame resistant properties of textiles and films when exposed to an open flame. Results obtained from this test are used by code officials in the acceptance of materials for drapery, vertically hanging, or window treatment applications.

The scope of testing involves mounting a test specimen a set distance away from an open flame in a test chamber. After being exposed to the open flame for a predetermined amount of time, the test specimen is weighed to assess weight loss due to drip burn. The specimen will fail the test if the weight lost due to drip burn exceeds a percentage of the original specimen’s weight.

A specimen can be tested by either test method 1 or test method 2 depending on its content, construction, or density. Test method 1 applies to less dense, single layer materials while test method 2 applies to films, coated textiles, and textiles with linings that are either flat or folded.

Test Method 1
Test Method 2


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