Quartzite is a type of sedimentary flagstone, which originated as a sandstone of pure quartz. Quartzite has been naturally cemented together through heat and pressure and is usually formed under the Earth’s crust from tectonic compression. This metamorphic rock ranges in color, with gray and white hues appearing as a result of pure quartzite and sand; pink and red hues appearing as a result of iron oxide in the stone; and orange, yellow, green, and blue hues appearing as a result of the presence of other minerals. The streakiness of the stone represents changes in mineral densities, pressure, and temperature. Quartzite is extracted from a quarry and then formed into finished slabs for countertops, flooring, and other interior applications. Due to its coarse and porous surface, quartzite slabs must be sealed before use as the natural pores in the stone makes it susceptible to staining and bacterial growth.

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