SCS Global FloorScore Certified

SCS Global FloorScore Certified

SCS Global FloorScore is a certification by SCS Global that attests to the indoor air emissions of resilient and hard surface flooring materials, including adhesives and underlayments. Assessed by third-party ISO-17025 testing standards, FloorScore is used to test samples for specific chemicals of concern and to certify that products are in compliance with 01350 California standards for low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. It qualifies for additional certifications, including LEED v4, WELL, BREEAM, and CHPS.

To certify, a manufacturer applies with SCS Global, then an SCS auditor will collect data and conduct an onsite audit and in-lab testing to the California 01350 standard. A report–including necessary corrective actions for those with non-conformities–is provided to the client and an SCS reviewer approves or denies certification. If the product is approved, it is listed in the SCS Green Products Guide and is granted rights to use the FloorScore logo.


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