SCS Indoor Advantage Certified

SCS Indoor Advantage Certified

SCS Indoor Advantage is a certification program developed by SCS Global Services that appraises the VOC emissions of furniture and interior building materials. SCS offers two certifications: Indoor Advantage, for furniture; and Indoor Advantage Gold, for furniture and building materials—including coatings, paints, sealants, adhesives, wallcoverings, floor coverings, ceiling tiles, and wall paneling.

To qualify for certification, materials must meet criteria set in place by LEED, BIFMA, CHPS, and CA 01350. Manufacturers submit product data, corporate quality documentation, and manufacturing information to an SCS auditor, and independent testing laboratories conduct VOC emissions tests. The auditor then issues a report that includes any necessary corrective actions and non-conformities, and an SCS reviewer makes the final decision. Certified manufacturers are also subject to periodical inspections and annual desk reviews to ensure compliance. Approved products are listed online in the Green Products Guide and authorized to use the Indoor Advantage/Indoor Advantage Gold logo. An Indoor Advantage certification is recognized by the GSA and EPA, and qualifies for ratings systems such as LEED v4, BREEAM, WELL Building, and Living Building Challenge.


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