Shade Variation Index

The shade variation index is a rating given to determine tile variation between individual pieces in a grouping. In particular, variation levels are given for digitally printed tiles to help designers determine the properties of a batch of tiles. According to shade variation index, tiles are rated as follows:

  • V0 very uniform – monochromatic: Each tile is uniform and monochromatic in color. Little to no variation exists between the tiles that are printed identically.
  • V1 uniform – low – no change – monochromatic: Differences between each tile are minimal and the batch is monochromatic.
  • V2 slight – moderate: The color tones are similar, but there are obvious texture and pattern differences between tiles.
  • V3 moderate – high: The color tones or design may be similar, but they vary significantly throughout the batch.
  • V4 substantial – random – large variety – extreme: Each tile has a different color tone and design than others within the batch.
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