SmartStrand is a family of proprietary high-performance stain-resistant carpet fibers made of bulk continuous filament (BCF) triexta that is manufactured by Mohawk Group. Produced for Mohawk’s line of residential carpets, SmartStrand’s family of fibers include SmartStrand Forever Clean, SmartStrand Forever Clean Silk, and SmartStrand Silk Reserve. SmartStrand fibers are permanently protected against stains because they contain no dye sites, preventing stains from chemically bonding. It is made of a resilient spring-like fiber structure that makes it wear-resistant to crushing and matting. The fiber repels moisture and is also inherently soil-resistant, which allows it to resist odors. In addition to its inherent properties, SmartStrand Forever Clean is easy to maintain as it is treated with Nanoloc Spill and Soil Shield finish—a nano-based technology that encapsulates the fibers to provide a barrier against dirt, soil, stains, and dander. SmartStrand Forever Clean Silk and SmartStrand Silk Reserve are engineered with the same performance qualities as SmartStrand Forever Clean but are comprised of 700 silk-like strands of fiber, producing an extremely soft yet durable yarn. Carpets made with SmartStrand are available with Mohawk’s proprietary Colormax Technology, qualify for LEED credits, are OEKO-TEX and CRI Green Label Plus certified, and can be recycled through Mohawk’s ReCover program.


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