Space Dyed

Space dyed refers to a method of yarn dyeing that creates segments of different colors along on each strand. This results in different hues that can be related or contrasting, measure equal or unequal lengths, and often displays a rainbow-like effect. Three processes that are used to this include knit-de-knit, continuous dye, and the warp system.  For the knit-de-knit technique, the yarn is knitted into a tubular fabric or sock, dyed to a solid color, and then overprinted with multiple colors—producing a multicolor look with short segments of color. In the continuous dye process, air jet or dye rolls are used to apply the color, allowing for either long or short spaces of color. The warp system involves continuously printing multiple strands of yarn at space intervals with different colors and these yarns typically display long spaces of each hue.


The Carpet and Rug Institute

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