Type 6 Nylon

Type 6 Nylon, or Nylon 6, is a synthetic thermoplastic polyamide, whose fiber form is widely used in commercial carpets. Unlike Type 6,6 Nylon, its molecular structure contains one monomer called caprolactam, which is comprised of six carbon atoms. The fiber comes in two forms—filament or staple—and is often extracted and used to create products that require flexibility and durability. Type 6 Nylon has a smooth lustrous surface that is difficult to abrade but has a lower melting point and is less crystalline than Type 6,6 Nylon. The more open composition also allows it to accept dyes easily. Its high tensile properties, elasticity, and relatively high fiber strength make it the most commonly used fiber in the commercial carpet industry, along with Type 6,6 Nylon.


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