Xorel is a proprietary textile from Carnegie that is sustainably made with extruded, solution-dyed yarns. This textile was originally used as a high-performance woven wallcovering, but it has since been used on a variety of products including upholstery, acoustic tiles, tackable panels, headboards, lighting, and movable doors and walls. Most typically, these yarns are woven but, in some instances, such as with upholstery textiles, the yarns can be knit which allows for stretch and recovery. Xorel products are applicable for commercial use.  It can also be produced on a dobby or jacquard weave and can be embossed, embroidered, appliqued, or digitally printed.

The Xorel yarn has inherent properties that make its finished textiles suitable for a variety of end uses. It is easy to clean, durable, antimicrobial, and resistant to tearing and lightfastness. Xorel is free of PVC and chemical finishes, is LEED Compliant, and has several third-party certifications. Xorel was designed around a three-part premise that includes creating a textile whose high performance is inherent to the raw material; leverage its woven construction to enable a wide variety of aesthetic possibilities; and ensuring that its effect on the environment is always minimal and could always be improved.[1]

[1] Carnegie

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